The Communist Youth League Committee and Hospital of UJN Organized the World Tuberculosis Day Publicity Activity

On March 24th, the Communist Youth League Committee and hospital of UJN jointly organized the 26th World Tuberculosis Day publicity activity themed “Ending the Tuberculosis Epidemic, Breathing Freely and Healthily”, calling on campus teachers and students to attach great importance to tuberculosis prevention and control, vigorously spreading prevention and control policies and knowledge, and advocating everyone to contribute to ending the tuberculosis epidemic and maintaining public health. More than 50 people from the Committee, school hospital leaders and volunteer representatives attended the event.

At site, volunteers put up posters and hung banners, told passengers about the basic knowledge and preventive measures of tuberculosis, and distributed health education manuals on disease prevention and control, actively advocating young teachers and students to participate in the prevention and control of tuberculosis on campus by taking advantage of We-Media publicity.

Party Committee Administration of UJN has always paid high attention to the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis on campus. They insisted on improving the prevention and treatment system and measures for a long time, continued to increase financial input, and continuously strengthened the prevention and treatment of key populations, steadily promoting the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis. The Communist Youth League Committee and hospital of UJN regularly carry out World Tuberculosis Day publicity activities every year, so that students can understand the terminology and scientific connotation of tuberculosis, the symptoms and harms of it, and the development trend of that disease in the world and China, thus recognizing the importance of tuberculosis prevention and treatment, mastering the methods and measures to prevent it, establishing awareness of safety, and learning to treat and help tuberculosis patients with a scientific attitude, so as to effectively prevent and control the spread and prevalence of tuberculosis in campus and safeguard the health of teachers and students.

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